Gulf Coast Steel doesn’t mess with mere trinkets. We’re industrial metal fabrication specialists, focusing on big, complex projects and workpieces found in oil rigs, petrochemical refineries, factories, and power plants.

Oil & Gas

Being in Houston, oil & gas is in our blood. We’ve worked with the largest companies in the world to produce structural rig assemblies, subsea structures, API storage tanks, mud pump assemblies, HDD breaker bit components, sand separators, amine plants and much more.

All of our products meet API standards, when necessary.

PetroChemical Refining

Petrochemical refining is a hazardous endeavor, where one miscalculation can mean catastrophe—including loss of life. We’ve served the petrochemical industry for over 10 years, creating major components for pressure vessels, tanks and tank repairs, heat exchangers, boilers, hot tap fittings, line stop fittings, tube sheets and many other products that come from plate.

Our certifications by the ASME and the NBBI should offer some comfort, as we’re certified to perform to their standards.

If you have a plate grade on your B.O.M, we can produce your part in house turn-key. We have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure that we control the speed, quality and delivery of every part we fabricate.

Call the Experts in heavy industrial metal fabrication.

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