About GCS

Gulf Coast Steel is one of the most technologically advanced metal fabrication companies in the United States. Our 58,000-square-foot facility in Houston, Texas features some of the heaviest, most powerful equipment on the Gulf Coast.

Our Standards

High quality products require high standards and quality control. Our QA/Traceability program complies with ISO 9000 standards. We use nondestructive examination techniques, including ultrasonic testing. Certified by National Boiler association, we hold a “R” & “U” stamp to ensure our work complies with ASME and NBBI standards.

Our Values

First do it Right.
Then do it Fast.

A quick-turn workpiece is useless if it breaks down prematurely. Our team focuses on producing quality work, with JIT and same-day/next-day delivery capabilities.

Hire good people. Pay them for good work.

Our team has some of the most skilled metal fabricators in the region, and it shows in our work. Our people are well-trained craftsmen who take pride in their work, and care as much about your success as you do.

Be selective about our customers.

We’re not the cheapest shop in town, and we don’t take every project we can. Our customers value our quality, and trust they’re getting a high quality product the first time around.

Fully Integrated.
Ready When You Are.

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